Spanish courses in Vilnius

Spanish school in Vilnius

The communicative method we use to teach spanish in our spanish school it is the most successful method to learn spanish. The communicative method is based on developing the communicative skills of our students since the begining in order to be able to communicate with others in spanish as son as possible.


Why our Spanish courses are the best in Vilnius?

1. All our teachers are Spanish with long experience teaching Spanish.
2. We teach in small groups,  6- 8 students.
3. Our offices are in the centre and in Tauro Kalnas.
4. We work successfully in Lithuania for more than 7 years.
5. You can pay by parts.
6. Students can use our library and DVDs for free.
7. We provide a diploma.
8. Learning materials are included in the price.

Timetable and prices of the Spanish courses in group

Our students said:

Centro Hispania offers the best lessons to learn Spanish. From the first lesson we communicate just in Spanish and with gestures and pictures everybody understand step by step the topics to learn. I think this is the most effective way to learn and after a few weeks i got used to Spanish language. Teachers came from Spain and they are very sincere, friendly and they always try their best during the lessons. Groups are small and that is why it is easier to learn. I recommend this school not only for beginners but for advanced students who would like to improve.


Mindaugas Germanavičius

After a few years i came back to learn Spanish in Centro Hispania. I am very glad, that i chose this Spanish school. The teachers are amazing; they were explaining all materials patiently until everything was clear. Moreover lessons are very interesting with many games, groups are small and everyone gets the attention of the teacher in the group. In the school there is a library and spanish films. As well cultural activities some are organised like Christmas parties and other activities where we tried spanish food and drinks. I am really i chose this Spanish school ?


Gintarė Demir

I enjoyed attending Spanish courses. In the classroom there was always a great atmosphere, friendly teachers and an interesting group. I liked that during the learning process there were many games, communication, smiles and laughs. It was very interesting to learn about Spanish culture.



Domantas Višinskas

You should leave your lithuanian language outside the door. From the first day you get to use spanish language more as it is possible; get lots of practical tasks in order to memorize new words and gramma rules. Warm, positive native spanish speaking teachers force to leave problems outside the class door. But the purpose of them – to impact all students to speak in spanish as soon as possible.

Vitalija Visiliauškaitė

Centro Hispania – fantastic school to start learning spanish. We started the lessons from a very simple Hola!, and after a couple of months we were already able to make sentences. The teacher uses various methods; games, videos and even songs. Lessons were really helpful when traveling in Spain. For me, spanish is a great language, that is why i recommend start learning it right here in Centro Hispania!



Aušra Lingytė

Hola! Què tal? I took lessons for beginers in 2014 and I really enjoyed. The learning process was very satisfying. The teacher used various methods and tools like using the environment to explain concepts, using different sources and materials, working individually and in groups or couples and of course playing! Due to the teacher long experience he always found the right learning method in the right moment, even if something changed unexpectedly. Also the process and the teacher’s good will were motivating and helping soo much. I am happy with the results because after these courses for beginners i spent one month in Spain and i was able to understand and to communicate in spanish! Gracias!

Karolis Kavoliūnas

Centro Hispania – the best spanish school in Vilnius! Teachers are professionals, encouraging and hard-working. The school is located in the centre of Vilnius, better can´t be 🙂 If you want to take a break of montony, get to know Spanish culture and learn spanish, you should select this school! Good mood guaranteed 🙂



Dovilė Bikulčiūtė

I can’t remember anything unsatisfying about this school. The material was great, effective and fun. Teachers were very helpful and friendly.

Kristupas Rybakovas

If you are thinking what means interactive learning, participating in the classes where the teacher is only speaking Spanish, but it is your first lesson and you are still able to be part of it, then Centro Hispania it is right place for you. If you are interested not only technically to learn Spanish language, but also to feel its spirit, to taste its food, to play its games and to meet interesting people then it is certainly a place for you. During these courses I found such teaching methods and teachers, who could teach even the most untalented language learning person. So, just go to Centro Hispania, and taste the magical Spanish spirit under the sky of Lithuania.

Silvija Čižaitė-Rudokienė

These courses helped me to learn Spanish. In these courses we study in small groups and that is good because you feel like in individual lessons. All students can ask and all will be explained. Our teacher is awesome because during the lessons you feel like if he is a friend not a teacher. He is very patience and explained everything what you dont understand. I recommend these courses for anyone who wants to learn Spanish. Because not only you can learn but you can find new friends as well.

Justina Antanaitytė
Ispanų kalbos kursai Vilniuje
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Centro Hispania
Centro Hispania
Ispanų kalbos kursai Vilniuje
Ispanų kalbos kursai Vilniuje